Jay Taylor started in music & audio design during 2012 and has grown to provide sound design, music and VO casting/recording & delivery to Australian & international video game companies. In that time he has worked for Project Factory, Playcorp, Casual Bros, Redtribe, Subspark Media amongst others on projects such as Sherlock (The Official game from UK series), Frozen Hearth, Underbelly (The Official Game), Orc Attack! Runic Rumble, ZPRA, Hairy Balls & more.

Video game implementation. Jay has provided sound design & music composition for various platforms including Android, IOS, Sony Vita, Playstation, Xbox & PC and has provided  full implementation, including adaptive music systems & dynamic mixing using Unity, Wwise & Fmod Studio. This has been done both in the game studio, and abroad using project sharing.

Voice Acting.  Various game companies loved the voice acting provided. A large network is available to draw upon, all voice styles & accents. Casting is done, a voice sample provided to you for approval, before recording, editing & delivery. The pricing is very reasonable, many studios who thought VO might be out of the budget has been surprised at what is possible.

Local and Remote. Have worked both in house & remotely across USA, UK, Germany & other locations in the past working in online repositories.

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